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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 8, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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thanks for were watching, everyone, thanks, mark. >>shepard: that will end up on mark's facebook page. >>shepard: more likely. the news begins anew on "studio b," tens of thousands of people still without power and heat across the northeast after super storm sandy. now the nor'easter came in. look at this. a lot more people are without including people here. more on the devastated region ahead. congresswoman gabrielle giffords spoke facing that guy the won who shot her in the head. the judge sentenced him for the massacre that left six dead. the pentagon now confirms iranian war planes fired on a u.s. drone flying in international airspace. we will follow-up the breaking news unless breaking news
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changes everything. this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the second major storm in a week adding insult to injury in the northeast. new york and new jersey are back in the thick of it again. snow and wind snapped weakened trees and downed power lanes. tens of thousands of people lost power. many only just got it back after hurricane sandy. >> no fuel for the generator. i will try to warm up the has. >> my daughter is three. i bundled her up in blankets and put her between my husband and myself. >>shepard: in new jersey, more than 12" of snow. 5" itch -- 5" fell in central park, a record. breezy point is covered in snow
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this morning with more hardship in a place where so many lost so were. the nor'easter forced fema to shut down ten mobile disaster recovery centers around new york city and rick is on staten island some some of the snow is melting. >> what is incredible we are a full mile away from the ocean with 12' of water in the neighborhood and huge piles of debris with a lot of heavy sanitation trucks here scooping it up, the city collected 130,000 tons of debris. there is so much more left to be done. we will walk inside to a couple's home. you can see the effect of the floodwaters on this house and all the other houses in the neighborhood. they had to strip everything. the floors, rip all the sheet
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rook off the walls, they have a space heater in here and a generator. we will go down to the basement. it was completely finished. they had a bedroom here, a laundry room, a bathroom. you can see the water still on the floor from last night's storm with additional water and the son of the homeowner said he spent three days with a heavy pump trying to clear out the water that was beyond the ceiling. every house in the neighborhood has the yellow stickers on the door meaning they need to be cleaned out and people are not supposed to live in them because conditions are so bad here. >>shepard: what is the latest on the power situation? >> well, these folks obviously don't have it, and they don't know when they will get it back. the whole neighborhood does not know when they will get power
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back. many of them lost power in the nor'easter because the heavy snow brought trees and lines down. these folks do not know when they will get the juice back. >>shepard: i am guessing there are more stories up and down the street. cars are on top of cars. we saw a front end front-end loader with another vehicle on top of another vehicle. we are a mile, a mile away from the ocean. this island was virtually under water. >> we expect the nor'easter to batter new england for self more hours before it moves into the atlantic. janice dean, the snow totals were a surprise to a lot of
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people. it got colder more quickly. >> the storm is more offshore pulling the cold air down. but some of the aggressive models showed impressive snow totals yesterday, but, my gosh, over 1' in connecticut, 1' in new jersey, around my neighborhood, over 7.5". gusts, hurricane force off cape cod at 60 miles per hour and plumb island an area hard hit by sandy, 58-mile-per-hour wind. we still talking about the storm, still got a good swirl to it and dealing with rain, wind, and snow for new england. >>shepard: the cold snap will break? >> it is but we have another cold night tonight in areas that do not have power, 20's along the coast of jersey and below
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freezing for new york, and delmarva peninsula. the forecast headed into next week, temperatures are on the rise with lows in the 40's and 62 for sunday and monday and that is all the way up the coast to staten island, new york, 60's next week, as well as parts of new york at 59 and 61. we will take it. we need to clean up. >>shepard: thank you. janice predetected 5" of snow in central park and we got 5" of snow in central park. and now a major escalation in the stand off between the united states and iran. the pentagon now confirms iranian jets fired at an unarmed u.s. predator drone last week over the arabian sea. it was in international waters, but iranian fighter jets fired and missed the drone. jennifer griffin has been live at the pentagon. what do we know? >> we have learned from the
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pentagon on november 1 at 4:50 a.m., eastern time, two iranian fighter jets fired on this unmanned, unarmed u.s. predator drone. it was a u.s. predator drone the first time the iranians have fired on a u.s. owned unmanned aerial vehicle. the shops missed and the drone landed safely soon after at an undisclosed election. the iranian jets pursued the drone after firing the shots according to george little, pentagon spokesman. >> it was conducting routine surveillance was intercepted by iranian aircraft and fired upon. with guns. this occurred over international waters approximately 15 nautical miles off the iran coastline.
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it was not hit. >> the predator was operating in international waters 16 miley ms off the iran coast, near the persian gulf. 12 miles remitting international airspace. when asked why this was not revealed before in the days before the u.s. election he said the predator was on a "classified mission" adding the united states reached out by the state department and the swiss protective powers. when asked if it should be considered an act of war, george little would not get into legal characterizations of the event. >>shepard: for more reaction to the latest act of aggression from iran we will speak with a former intelligence officer coming up next. and syria's president bashar al-assad's defiant message about his future.
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>>shepard: now the new pentagon report that iran fired on an unarmed u.s. drone in international airspace. the c.e.o. of the washington, dc, consulting firm. what do you make of this? >>guest: two points. one, does this mean they can track our aircraft better? one went down over iran last year and they gathered intelligence. there have been newspaper stories about china and others collecting information because we have been using predators so much in iraq and afghanistan. there is a tactical implication and they could interrupt and interfere with our surveillance and the broader strategic issue of being aggressive when we know tensions are very high you heard israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu at u.n. a month ago
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and israel did a strike against arms manufacturing in sudan. the fact they would come out this aggressively is bad about how bad how quickly it can get violent. >>shepard: to have done it if it is in their airspace is one thing but this is international airspace. >>guest: it is but you get in tit for tat. we can say one thing, believe one thing but that doesn't mean in domestic consumption for iran we believe that. we get into issues about whether it is 12 nautical miles some say it exists beyond that and some say rocks a mile off their coast are part their property. so there are issues on that. but from an iranian domestic consumption point of view it is a huge win for the iranian government to do this showing in the face of strong sanctions they are still able to put fighters in the air and they are not going to be pushed around by the west. >>shepard: i guess as you try to unite your people who do not
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have enough gas or food it is a valuable weapon. >>guest: exactly. that is a reason it is such a scary situation. so tense. from an iranian political point of view they need to rally their own people to keep them strong in the face of sanctions. the western world we are trying to put a lot of pressure to bear to make sure they decide not to acquire nuclear weapons. this is where you see the tension come to a ahead. i didn't think it would pop up this quickly after the election. the fact they did this a few days best election is significant because i would think they would not take that risk. >>shepard: thank you, mine, from washington, dc. army private first-class bradley manning who called himself online bradass 87 has offered to plead guilty to crimes in connection with one of the big of the electrics of u.s. military secrets. remember, the prosecution said he sent hundreds of thousands of
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secret u.s. government documents to wikileaks and the defense team says he is willing to take responsibility for "some" of the leaks. but it is unclear right new if the court will accept his partial plea. broadly manning faces charges including aiding the enemy a crime punishable by life in prison. second terms for president start with a lost staff shakeups. that is the norm. next we will look at who could be going in. or who could be going out. black friday shoppers will not have time to die just their turkey. walmart will open their doors, we will tell you when, and will others follow suit? coming up. g a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: the attorney general holder has goals for the president's second term but says he doesn't know if he will have a job. he talked about it today at a law school ought conference. >> there are things i still want to do. do i have less gas left in the tank, it has been an interesting and tough four years. so i don't know. i don't know at this point. >>shepard: there are often a lost cabinet changes when a president wins re-election the obama administration is shaping up to be no exception. secretary of state, hillary clinton has said she plans to retire from that position. the treasury secretary geithner has said he does not plan to be around. same goes for the secretary of defense, panetta. now we are getting a better idea of which other officials might ten down and who might replace them. now the news from washington, dc. a lot chatter. what do we know? >> on the secretary of state
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front we know as confirmed by the state department spokeswoman, secretary of state, hillary clinton intends to lobby. u.n. ambassador susan rice is said to be a top question but there are questions whether the public role in the wake of the deadly benghazi attacks would impact her chance and senator john kerry who chairs the senate committee on foreign relations is considered a contender and although that would leave an open senate seat for the democrats, that may not be a dealbreaker. >> in their favor this election, they had elbow room by the number of seats they won and many thought they wouldn't win, have that two-vote majority so maybe the president is willing to take a chance. >>guest: last time it was left open by the death of senator kennedy it went to a republican who was defied on tuesday. over two term presidencies over world war ii it is rare if any cabinet secretary to stick around for all eight years.
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>>shepard: it has been. urgent economic matters out there. what kind of effect does that have on the shuffle? >>guest: there is a feeling in washington that geithner would prefer to leave sooner rather than later but with shes of expiring tax cuts and sequestration whomming he is -- looming he is likely to stick around because he is invested in the negotiations that have been going on. >> that would be true of defense secretary panetta. he has fought hard against sequestration because he didn't want to see the types of cuts that sequestration called for the defense department. he is going to see that through. >>reporter: panetta has the most spentive commute between california and washington and the pentagon spokesman said he is focused on the job in front him and on the country not his personal future. >>shepard: thank you shannon, and now we will bring in
3:22 pm
managing editor from "the hill" news. with the state department who makes more sense here? susan rice? or john kerry? >>guest: well, i think john kerry makes more sense after rice made the claims on the sunday shows about benghazi, very controversial claims. it would a difficult confirmation process. another name that could pop up is congressman berman, the top democrat on the foreign affairs committee and he just lost to another democrat widely respected on both sides of the aisle and was endorsed in the race by republicans like john mccain. so that would be an easy confirmation process. john kerry you would have to replace him and maybe scott brown runs for his seat but i think john kerry or berman would be solid picks. >>shepard: on the federal reserve we hear about lawrence summers. >>guest: former clinton
3:23 pm
secretary was interested in it before better -- bernanke was tapped. and the vice chair of the central bank now, she would be the first woman to head the bank so she is probably the favorite in this game we all have to play. >>shepard: with the focus on women in the elections that would make sense on a bunch of different fronts. and the defense department with panetta saying that's it. >>guest: well, he will stay for a little bit and deal with this sequestration problem, until it is solved and you have to look at panetta's deputy and you have to look at the highest ranking member at the defense department who would be the first female defense secretary. >>shepard: at treasury, geithner has been a controversial figure. what is the thinking on that? >>guest: you have jack lew now
3:24 pm
the white house chief of staff, widely respected and knows policy inside and out and an outside the box treasury secretary would be erskine bowles, who helped put the plan together that was rejected by obama and that would be, possibly, part of the bargain on the economy. >>shepard: and holder? >>guest: i don't think he will be in the job and can you look at the department of homeland security secretary napolitano, also governor patrick in massachusetts, those are two names floating right now. >>shepard: patrick, has there been any indication he has shown interest? >>guest: not yet but a lot of people when obama came in a lot of people wanted the attorney general spot.
3:25 pm
i don't know if holder had a chance to do it again he would do it because it has been so controversial. he is tired. when you have a chance to be attorney general, you usually grab it. >>shepard: they put him through the ringer -- wringer. >>shepard: [laughter]gerald loughner learned his sentence today but not before we heard from the victims and their families one more time including the husband of the wounded congressman, gabrielle giffords. and rare public comments from syria's president, bashar al-assad, the guy who is murdering his own people is speaking. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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3:30 pm
in court. among them, congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband, the astronaut, with his wife in the courtroom he said she still struggles to walk. she is partly blind. he said right now we are done thinking about you, here and now. we expect the victims to speak at a news conference and, in fact, one is now speaking, one of the people who was shot in the shooting spree and he also ran to replace congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the seat which she vacated. his race is still too close to call but he is speaking now. >> we hold no hatred him, no animosity and we can appreciate the agony and the grief they,
3:31 pm
too, are going through and i turn to mr. loughner and i said, i hold you, no hatred for you but i am very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. he must now live with the burden and will never see outside of prison again. i said in the end, i hope these long years of incarceration that you face will give you the time to think about what you have done and to seek forgive if from those whose lives, to which lives you have brought so much tears and sadness. in the under, we are a community that is unified, compassionate and caring. we have not only survived this awful tragedy but as a community we have tried. >>shepard: and now, outside
3:32 pm
the courthouse in tucson, a lost emotion, and some politics in court today. >>reporter: that is right, mark kelly, her husband, got political today, inside the courtroom. we do not expect to hear from him or her, but when he addressed loughner he was critical of arizona governor brewer and the legislature here in arizona for the gun laws and the judge seemed to agree, questioning why it was legal for loughner to have a gun magazine that allowed him to bring 90 bullets, 60 bullets in one magazine that day? other victims also spoke of tighter gun laws and the need for better mental health services and loughner was diagnosed we with schizophrenia and everyone seemed to know that at the community college but he got this treatment. >>shepard: what do we hear from the victims today? >>reporter: a lot emotional stuff not just from the gentleman we heard from but everyone was talking about the
3:33 pm
victims. six people died that day including a federal judge, a nine-year-old girl and an aide to gabrielle giffords but gabrielle giffords' husband had the courtry ited the entire time he was speaking with gabrielle giffords next to him he told loughner she would trade her life for any of the victims and he talked about her daily struggles, her struggle to speak, to walk, he told loughner he may have put a bullet through her head but he did not dent her spirit. the united states attorney went on to say that democracy was attacked that day. as for the life in prison with no chance for parole sentence, all of the victims who have spoken publicly say they agree with that and they did not want to go through a lengthy trial to have him suffer execution so it seems like everyone is on board and we will hear later on in the news conference from the district attorney here in the county who has not said whether he supports going for the death penalty or more charges.
3:34 pm
>>shepard: thank you from tucson. now to the judge, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano is here. life on top of life on top of more of that. >>judge napolitano: the penalty, really, was determined at the time the government accepted his and the court accepted the guilty plea. so what went on today was really an of the by the court to let the victims come to closure for lack of a better phrase. judges are not crazy about this because it is irrelevant because there is no room for discretion in impose the sentence. he agreed to serve a life sentence for each of the people harmed and that is the sentence that would be imposed to matter what the people said. but the courts have concluded that allowing them to say these things is better for everyone involved and that is why we go through it.
3:35 pm
the occasional case the victim will say something to the judge that the judge didn't think about, didn't know of or forgot and that could change the sentence but that is not the case here and it is rare for that to happen. >>shepard: wrapped in all of this was some discussion of whether we pay enough attention to people's mental health in cases like this. >>judge napolitano: as was just reported the college that this kid attended they knew he had very, very serious mental issues. look, if you are i have a next door neighbor we think has mental issues we don't have to do anything but if we are a hospital or health care preliminary or administrator of a college where the person assemblied or is a student we have an obligation to do something. that school in arizona didn't do anything. it doesn't mean if they did something this wouldn't have happened but it could have prevented it and called to the attention of law enforcement the danger this guy poses. >>shepard: his parents were escorted out a side door and the
3:36 pm
producers say they cried through the whole thing and to quote our producers they locked awful. imagine this family. >>judge napolitano: they can never live with themselves knowing that this people is their son and he did these horrible things. this is not a who done it. there is no question what he did and the horrific harm he caused and how unexpected it was to his parents. they have suffered as much as the family of the victims. >>shepard: owe produce are said congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband, the astronaut, mark kelly hugged for a minute when this finished saying something quiet to each other and that was that. and they say this happy couple say they will not think of or discuss the killer in this case ever again. the syrian president hitting back against increasing pressure for him to step down and leave his country. in an interview that aired node russia the president, bashar
3:37 pm
al-assad, declared "i will live and die in syria." he is living now and we hope for the latter soon, he has murdered 32,000 people. a day after the british prime minister suggested a deal that would allow the leader to go safely into, i'll as a way to end this civil war that began 19 months ago. jonathan hunt joins us now. one could argue that a safe way out is no justice for him but maybe it would stop more murders. >>jonathan: he certainly seems to have made the decision as many experts have said, this is a fight to the end. the end for him is going to mean probably as its did for muammar qaddafi in libya, death. in this interview aired today to part on a tv stay of english language in russia he said and i quote, "i am not a put -- puppet
3:38 pm
," and here makes cheer he will not resign or leave. and talking about whether any western powers might ultimately put boots on the ground if syria, he says and i quote, "i don't think the west is headed in this direction but if it does, nobody can predict the consequences" a warning that the syrian army is willing to fight quite clearly. >>shepard: it was on russian televisions and the russians are key. >>jonathan: the russian foreign minister spoke today and it will be interpreted by many as giving support to president assad saying their view is a statement of reality. the russian foreign minister is saying that assad is not going to go anywhere. the west should not begin to thing about that and if they try to take that position that it is
3:39 pm
a that or nothing, it will only cost a lot more syrian likes. >>shepard: continuing coverage on syria, thank you. we reported earlier of the iranian military planes that fired on an unarmed and unmanned u.s. drone, one of the many international problems facing the obama administration right now. that is next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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3:43 pm
comes the hard part. he is the first president since fdr to win re-election with unemployment before 7.2 percent. the sluggish economy and the fiscal cliff among the second-term challenges and then foreign policy including the situation in syria and iran and the latest fallout from benghazi ed henry is live at the white house. a lot of challenges from abroad. >>reporter: you talk about the fiscal cliff, they have that and after what has been happening with syria and that is play out with violence on the ground. assad will not give in. the euphoria from tuesday night, you talk to people inside the white house, they knew that is evaporating and we have to get down to business so today the president got a stream of calls from world leaders, including from the u.k., and david cameron, and binyamin netanyahu from israel, as well,
3:44 pm
congratulations, but, also, in doubt the phone calls, a lot of business being conducted with the president realizing particularly in the middle east there is a lot of major problems to confront. i am told by senior officials before election day the chief of staff, jack lou and others have been meeting and planning and if the president were re-elected they would have to hit the ground running on domestic issues and foreign policy. >>shepard: over benghazi, republicans want answer. >>reporter: they asked the answers before the election and they feel like they did not get a lost answers from the white house before the election, certainly people snowed the white house feel like republicans have paid far too much of this and it became a political issue leading up to the election but there will be three different hearings, three different house and senate committees next thursday, having hearings on the benghazi matter and you have republicans saying they want answers, and democrats saying they are willing to talk. >> hopefully now we are past the administration the administration will do the
3:45 pm
invite thing. coming up after the election they did not. they claimed to be the most open administration ever but they are not doing the basics in sharing with congress the bake information. >> we are very committed to working with the congress through this process. we are obviously as we learned the lessons we need to learn, we will need to continue to work with the congress on remedies, et cetera. >> one of the three panels is the house foreign affairs committee they invited secretary of state, hillary clinton to testify. unclear whether she will come up or send up another official but that is the first time she does it she would be appearing before congress to discuss the attack. >>shepard: a top florida republican says the election was a disaster. congresswoman is not talking about the democrat winning but the thousands of votes that are still waiting to be counseled. florida is the only state that hasn't reported a winner in the presidential race and we are approaching 44 hours sin the
3:46 pm
last of the polls closed. it doesn't matter in the long haul or in the big picture, president obama won without the sunshine state. still, tell years after the election mess held up the entire election a lot of folks there are asking, how could the same thing happen again? well, it is not a secret. phil keating is in south florida. we know what happened. phil: a last things all combining but first the big news, miami dade county has completed counting the votes, and miami dade is no longer counting. but broward and palm beach it will counting as we speak. also jumping out, the honkest ballots taking voters 30 minutes to an hour to fill it out and then a strong voter turn out leading to the long lines plus the absentee ballots tens of
3:47 pm
thousands more coming in than anticipated. >> am i embarrassed or disappointed by what happened? absolutely. but i have to focus on simply getting it right. >> here is a look at the longest ballot in florida state history, 11 constitutional amendments and that is what took so long despite the problems only being focused on a minority of the precincts the governor plans to investigate and make some improvement. >>shepard: in the presidential race the vote was 322 apart with eight million votes cast. what are the togethers looking like now? fill phil: the secretary of state is counting. right new, governor romney with 49.24 percent compared to president obama with 49.9
3:48 pm
percent so he is in the lead, still, with 55,000 more votes so floridaed if falls into the obama column as most people do expect because the difference here is far beyond the .5 percent that would give president obama college total of 301. >>shepard: obama wins florida, the republicans must be reeling. phil: that would be 332. >>shepard: phil, thanks. energy drinks are impairing u.s. troops in combat zones abroad. energy drinks. from a new army study finding as of 2010, 14 percent of troops serving in afghanistan were knocking three energy drinks a day. those service member were more likely to get four hours of sheep a night or less and more likely to fall asleep while on duty. the researchers conclude that soldiers clearly immediate to be more aware of the harmful
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or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>>shepard: fox news alert, a hell of a thing for you. listen to this. gas rationing going tomorrow in new york city and the entirety of long island for ten million people. the new york city mayor bloomberg and officials on long island have announced gas rationing begins tomorrow morning at 5:00. gasoline is available to drivers with license plate numbers that
3:53 pm
end in an odd number starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 and drivers with license plates that end in an even number can get gas starting on saturday. the mayor bloomberg says only 25 percent of the city's gas stations are even open, one in four, and he estimates that the tight gas supplies could last two more weeks. on gas rationing for all of the five boroughs of new york city and the entirety of long island. there will be no confusion over there and the always mellow and calm new york city people will take this with a grain and salt and you will see no yelling and screaming on your evening news. a herrible thing out there. you saw rick's report, the amount of suffering is impossible to describe. no food, no power, no water, no gas, and it is freezeing.
3:54 pm
skip seconds after thanksgiving and head to the stores ahead. you my. i won't. the reason is this year's black friday starts on thursday. today, the walmart announced america's store, with china's gooded announces the earliest opening ever for the thanksgiving sale, 8:00 on thanksgiving night. i am sure there are 40 million employees are appreciated. retail stores make a huge chunk of profits and walmart we know needs money with 40 percent of the annual sales then and with walmart getting in earlier, we should expect other big stores to follow suit. the people of up should rebel over this. >>gerri: you don't have to go. >>shepard: i want to it is there and burn and watch football. >>gerri: i will not get up
3:55 pm
from my mom's thanksgiving table. you can't pay me. >>shepard: what is walmart promising? >>gerri: it starts at 8:00, what is on sale at 8:00? toys. games. clothing. at 10:00 they move to the electronics. so listen a little bit, apple ipad 2 with wi-fi costs $399 plus $74 guest card so that almost $500, and 32" tv for $148. and, we have blu-ray player for $38, so, it goes on if there, by 5:00 a.m. friday other stuff is on sale home goods, jewelry, tires, furniture, a lot of people this year are doing their christmas on layaway they cannot afford and it they are looking for sales, they might get up from thanksgiving table to save money. >>shepard: so, take your sleeping back and language out for a few days. black friday is not what it was once cracked up to be.
3:56 pm
>>gerri: what you need to know the deals you are getting often are not happening. i talked to a company called "decide" they are cheaper in october and september do not buy them on black friday. >>shepard: very interesting. >>gerri: here to help. >>shepard: just in case you don't have enough stuff.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>>shepard: a motor gang armed bats and axs stormed a london shopping mall and robbed it. the suspects on the upper left side of the screen here went up to a jewelry store and smashed the window displays and took off with more than $3 million worth of stuff. no one got hurt. but a man was treated for shock. cops later found the bikes abandoned this word of arrests. yet. not so great on the dow down


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